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About Big Cheese Studio S.A.

Big Cheese Studio S.A., based in Łódź, is a rapidly growing company operating in the video game market. A team of professionals is passionate about creating simulation games that engage hundreds of thousands of users. In 2019, the company launched Cooking Simulator, a game that offers a realistic cooking experience in a virtual space. 

The cooking simulator is a unique project on the digital game distribution platform – Steam, which has gained recognition from more than 700,000 players. Due to the success of the project, Big Cheese Studio has also created add-ons to the base version of the game that give users unique opportunities. These include a mode inspired by Food Network programmes, a pizza simulator or an advanced pastry DLC programme using real recipes.

In 2019, the company generated revenue of PLN 7.6 million and EBIT close to PLN 4.54 million, which allowed the company to significantly strengthen its resources. The year 2020 brought the company almost PLN 11.5 million and EBIT of PLN 8.7 million. The team is currently working on further challenging projects to ensure the company’s continued dynamic growth. The professionalism, experience and creativity of Big Cheese Studio specialists make it possible to create not only engaging, but also extremely complex video games. An additional strength of the company is its strong relationships with the gaming community focused on platforms such as Discord and Steam.

The company is focused on developing the Cooking Simulator game environment, which translates into player monetisation. To date, Big Cheese Studio has released 12 updates, including 3 paid DCL add-ons and a free LiveOPS, which keeps the interest in the game. It also allows you to react to current sales events. On average, players spend as much as 6.5 hours in the game and the time of a single session is almost 70 minutes.


Financial data


PLN m20202019y/y dynamics
Gross profit8.75.362%
Net profit8.25.163%


PLN m1H20211H2020y/y dynamics
Gross profit5.93.095%
Net profit5.52.987%


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