Cooking Simulator is a realistic simulation game where the player can test their cooking skills.

The virtual kitchen is equipped with everything a professional chef needs. The user can use hobs, cookers, ovens and accessories such as knives, spatulas, pots, pans and blenders. It also has over 140 products at its disposal: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and a full range of spices and herbs. All this will allow you to prepare unique dishes – as real as in the real world. The dishes can be prepared according to more than 80 recipes or your own ideas, which are only limited by your imagination.

The fact that all the ingredients react to the chef’s actions also adds to the game’s realism. Their temperature, taste and appearance change. An advanced physics engine ensures the player feels real during activities such as slicing potatoes, cooking soup or turning steaks. With each dish served and the next customer, the user becomes a better cook with more skills.

Cooking Simulator game is not only fun and a chance to create, but also a competition. The player gets paid and tips for the tasks he/she completes, and what’s more, he/she can test the acquired skills against other users. With additional game modes, the virtual kitchen offers even more opportunities to improve your culinary skills and develop your passion.

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Cakes and Cookies (DLC) is an additional Cooking Simulator game mode that allows the user to develop confectionery skills. It is a realistic cooking simulator with a sweet twist!

The player has a completely different bakery and baking mechanics. They are free to create baked goods using new recipes, ingredients and equipment that can be found in a professional patisserie. The creative process begins with the selection of the recipe – the player prepares the dough and the filling, chooses the form, bakes and then decorates their baked goods. Cakes and Cookies allows you to realise even the sweetest and most sophisticated ideas. The user can use flour, baking powder or sprinkles and has a choice of different moulds, spatulas and spritzers. Thanks to new recipes, you will learn how to prepare perfect cakes, unique cheesecakes or tasty doughnuts. The virtual kitchen contains everything you need to play the role of a professional baker or confectioner.



Chaos Tool is an additional game mode of Cooking Simulator (DLC), allowing you to mix things up in the kitchen. It is an incredible Tool of Chaos whose features will surprise even the most demanding players.

Things can happen in a virtual kitchen that are completely unbelievable in the real world! There is no room for conservatism, caution and prudence, no holds barred. The user can shoot off fireworks or selected objects without fear of damage. This additional mode also allows you to play with a real shockwave. Special rays also offer a whole host of possibilities – they change the gravity and scale of ingredients and kitchen accessories. Moreover, radiation turns objects into… other objects. Because actually, why not? Chaos Tool will grow a banana to human size, turn a pumpkin into a bottle of wine and make ingredients float. Great fun guaranteed!



Cooking Simulator Pizza! (DLC) allows you to learn how to bake a delicious and authentic pizza. What’s more, it gives you the opportunity to take on the role of an owner of an Italian pizzeria. 

Cooking Simulator Pizza! is not just about new personalised recipes and dozens of different ingredients. The player can prepare cakes, sauces and compositions based on real, tried and tested recipes that will also come in handy in the real world. In addition to the standard kitchen, the user also has two other working areas – a pantry and a room with a brick oven. Each is equipped with all the utensils and stations required to serve great pizza.

What’s also new is a special Career Mode and Free Mode, offering more freedom and relaxation. The player decides which order they want to cook – they can accept or reject it. By completing various tasks, they not only gain new skills, but also unlock new perks and ingredients. Cooking Simulator Pizza! is the perfect add-on to win the heart of any fan of the Italian cuisine!



Cooking with Food Network (DLC) is an additional Cooking Simulator game mode that turns your kitchen into a professional TV studio!

The add-on allows you to prepare new dishes inspired by Food Network programmes. The authentic recipes used in the game can therefore be transferred from the virtual world to the real kitchen. By metamorphosing an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary recording studio, the player can feel like a TV star. 

Lights, camera… action! A little modification and the scenery is ready for a unique adventure and the opportunity to showcase your skills to the whole world. The new game mode allows the user to take on the role of a cooking show contestant who must prepare as many dishes as possible in a set amount of time. Additional tasks will earn bonus points, and the competitive element will make for even more fun. Cooking with Food Network can be started on automatic settings or you can choose your own challenge conditions. What makes the game more attractive is not only a completely different design, but also 30 new recipes and 15 products that are not available in the basic version of Cooking Simulator.



Cooking Simulator VR is an even more realistic and exciting version of the basic cooking simulator.

The user can test themselves as a chef in a professional kitchen, using authentic recipes. They have a variety of products, accessories and equipment at their disposal to create unique dishes. But that is not all! Virtual cooking becomes even more realistic with all the ingredients reacting to the chef’s actions. In what way? They change their temperature, taste or appearance. The player can observe this while slicing potatoes, turning steaks or preparing gravy. As more activities are mastered and each successive guest is welcomed, the skill level changes and the dishes become more professional.

What else surprises the new version of the popular Cooking Simulator game? Career mode turns virtual gameplay into a real culinary journey. By progressing through the stages, the user gains fame for themselves and the restaurant they run. With experience and popularity, even more advanced recipes and new skills are also unlocked.

Cooking Simulator VR also means more freedom of action in Free Mode. This function allows you to use all available recipes, ingredients and competences in instant access. What is more, the player has the possibility to prepare any dish, according to the recipes that his imagination suggests. Additional, often humorous options are also available. Which ones? Throwing knives at a target, stacking kitchen boards like dominoes and even setting the kitchen on fire and putting it out with a fire extinguisher.


B-17 Squadron

B-17 Squadron is a realistic bomber simulator – the game lets you take part in a historical campaign taking place in the occupied Europe. The player can sit at the controls of the machine, manage the B-17 crew, drop bombs and destroy key targets. These actions will bring them closer to the final victory over the enemy. As the action unfolds, the user can manage not just one crew, but a whole squad of bombers. A squadron of military aircraft awaits your orders! 

The aircraft is fully armed and loaded, but success depends on more than just equipment. The skills of the commander and an efficient, close-knit crew are key. The player can sit at the controls, as captain or co-pilot, managing all the parameters of the aircraft. A special radio operator’s room will allow you to send or receive important reports and read the map that will determine the direction of your flight.


Cooking Simulator - Shelter

Shelter (DLC) is a Cooking Simulator add-on game mode in which the player must master the art of post-apocalyptic cooking inside an underground shelter. With cunning, resourcefulness and the acquisition of more skills, the user can become the best cook in the wilderness!

It all starts with the search for a missing family – all roads lead to a barren wasteland called Sector 12. In order to find the relatives, the player has to ask the local settlers for help. However, nothing is free, residents need a food supplier. In the add-on to Cooking Simulator, the user discovers new and previously unknown products. An experienced chef must bake, boil and fry mutant meat, glowing mushrooms and other post-nuclear ingredients. 

In Cooking Simulator – Shelter (DLC) you can forget about the professional and fully equipped kitchen, full of wonderful products. The key is to find your way around the Spartan conditions and turn the shelter rooms into a cooking area. Success is only possible if the player learns to prepare the best dishes based on limited resources.



Pizza Empire is a strategy game about creating your own pizza chain. The story is set in 1990s New York – the city of business and the Italian mafia. The place offers a lot of opportunities, but the player also has to reckon with the fact that there are tough rules here. In order to create a true pizza empire, they can fit in or set their own rules of the game.

The game begins with the opening of the first restaurant. The player must choose and decorate the premises, hire staff, create a menu and take care of deliveries. The next step is to open more restaurants to conquer New York and become part of a large pizza chain. However, this task only seems simple on the surface. It is important to remember that the competition does not sleep, the media follow your every move, and sooner or later representatives of the mafia will knock on your door. As your business grows and your customer base crowds in, new options and challenges appear that will require a specific strategy to address. The player has to monitor consumer needs, create new regulations, control employee schedules, resolve conflicts and create advertising campaigns.