Pizza Empire – an Italian pizza empire in New York

Pizza Empire is a unique game in which the user takes on the role of a pizza restaurant chain owner. The gameplay starts with choosing the right venue, hiring staff, creating a menu and paying suppliers. The success of the first pizzeria will allow the opening of another restaurant, and will eventually translate into the creation of a large empire. But before that moment arrives, the owner of the pizzeria must fight off the competition and take on or reject the cooperation of the mafia.

Italian adventure in New York

The Pizza Empire game is set in New York City – a city of business, mafia and huge opportunities. The catch is that everything takes place in the 1990s, with no internet or mobile phones yet. What’s more, this city is incredibly diverse, and each new venue is almost a new beginning. 

New York is divided into districts where people have different tastes and expectations. They also differ in terms of wallet size and place of work. Each neighbourhood therefore has its own community and unique places, attracting specific groups. To win the hearts of the residents, the player must explore the neighbourhood, learning their preferences. However, that is not all they should do… New York attracts many businessmen and criminals, so a specific strategy of action will be necessary. Whether the player settles with the mafia or confronts them is entirely up to them.

Chain of excellent pizza restaurants

At the centre of all the gameplay is primarily pizza and a growing chain of restaurants. The player can choose the best place for themselves, design its interior, hire employees and create a menu. Every detail depends entirely on your imagination – from the furniture, to the choice of chefs, to the specific recipes. The success of a pizza chain therefore depends on creativity, commitment and a flair for business. 

City of mafia and gangs

Italian food is immediately associated with the Italian mafia, and this is also the case with the Pizza Empire game. The city is home to criminal groups that the player can befriend or fight. Each family controls a different area of New York and has different habits and arrangements. 

The blessing of the godfather will allow you to spread your wings, but at the same time there are many consequences. Working with a gang will give the player new opportunities to influence the competition – harassment, bomb threats or sabotaging deliveries. It must be remembered, however, that mafia scuffles require sacrifice and will not escape the watchful eyes of police officers and the media.

The real pizza empire

Building a real empire is not just about opening restaurants, crowds of customers and unique recipes. The player must open warehouses, designate delivery areas and create a fleet of vehicles. It will also be necessary to arrange work schedules, constantly monitor employment and the skills of employees, who sometimes need help in the form of managers.

Pizza Empire is a strategy game, requiring clever advertising, vigilant observation of competitors and conflict resolution.

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