Cooking Simulator Shelter (DLC) – new mechanics: hunting and farming

Shelter (DLC) is the latest addition to the already well-known game Cooking Simulator. The player moves to a barren wasteland where they polish their culinary skills inside an underground shelter. However, not only the scenery has changed, but also the possibilities – the special conditions require a completely new approach to the subject. 

New mechanics in Cooking Simulator Shelter (DLC)

Immediately buying all the products needed for cooking is not applicable in a barren area like Sector 12. The wilderness is an area that requires exceptional resourcefulness, great cunning and incredible dexterity. It is important to find your way in a space with limited resources. 

Food products can be sourced through:

  • hunting mutants and using their meat,
  • growing crops on an underground farm,
  • ordering goods from a special trailer that travels through the wilderness.

Maintaining the realism of virtual reality required the introduction of new mechanics that perfectly match the unusual image of the game. The multitude of recipes to be made encourages you to take advantage of each of the three product acquisition opportunities. The player can replenish the initial supply thanks to a caravan travelling around the Sector, but there is no need to grow and hunt on your own.

Hunting mode in Cooking Simulator Shelter (DLC)

One of the basic ingredients in post-apocalyptic cuisine is meat. They can be obtained from 3 species of mutants that inhabit the wilderness: armadillos, vultures and rats. How to get this valuable product? All you have to do is climb the shed above the shelter and start hunting, using special weapons. The basic version of the gun can be modified by adding a scope, silencer, magazine and extended barrel.

The shooting option in the Shelter add-on (DLC) is quite an unexpected opportunity when you consider the basic version of Cooking Simulator. After all, it all started with cooking in a professional kitchen. The wilderness has different rules, however, and the hunt makes the game even more interesting and engaging.

Farming mode in Shelter (DLC)

Mutant hunting isn’t the only way to get food in Shelter (DLC). To add variety, an agriculture mode has been introduced to the game, which allows you to grow crops. A special underground farm is where you can grow both standard and more unusual and intriguing vegetables. Alongside plants such as broccoli, leek, cactus, celery, tomato or carrot, the user will also find blue, green and red mushrooms.

What surprises, however, is not only the possibility of cultivation itself, but also the whole mechanism of this additional mode. Plants grow much faster than in the real world – just use a special afterburner and they are ready to harvest after just 1 day. The irradiated wilderness increases the chance of mutations, which result in carnivorous plants growing from seeds. As with hunting, it will be necessary to use a gun to deal with the problem.

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